Fiber vs. Copper:

Whether constructing a new build or upgrading an existing network, there are essentially two choices for network connectivity—fiber or copper. The decision between fiber and copper depends on several factors, including bandwidth requirements, distances within the network, environmental concerns, cost, and the need for future growth.

Historically, copper has been the more popular choice for network builds and upgrades, but fiber is quickly growing in popularity. Fiber is well suited for high-bandwidth applications, extended distances (e.g., as a network backbone), and situations that require complete protection from electrical interference.

Fiber and Copper - how do they compare?
  Copper Fiber
Security Can be compromised Multimode
Distance 100 meters @ 1,000Mbps 40km or more at 10,000Mbps
Electrical Noise Vulnerable to cross talk and
voltage interference
Installation/Use Thicker and heavier lightweight and thin diameter