Why Fiber? Fiber Facts
Distance and low attenuation Fiber vs. Copper
Security Fiber core sizes
Reliability Multimode vs. Singlemode
Bandwidth Understanding insertion loss
Fiber Connection Types
The ST
connector uses a
lock system.
Has a molded
plastic plug casing
and a push/pull
locking system.
Small form
factor connector
that resembles a
mini SC connector.
Small form factor
connector with a
square plastic
casing that contains
both fiber strands
in a single polymer
Locate the part number you are looking for by matching length to required connector type configuration.
62.5/125 Multimode - Belkin's 62.5/125 multimode fiber cables are perfect for network deployments.
Connector Specs 1 Meter 2 Meter 3 Meter 5 Meter 10 Meter
ST ST Spec sheet A2F20200-01M A2F20200-02M A2F20200-03M A2F20200-05M A2F20200-10M
ST SC Spec sheet A2F20207-01M A2F20207-02M A2F20207-03M A2F20207-05M A2F20207-10M
ST LC Spec sheet F2F202L0-01M F2F202L0-02M F2F202L0-03M F2F202L0-05M F2F202L0-10M
ST MTRJ Spec sheet F2F20290-01M F2F20290-02M F2F20290-03M F2F20290-05M F2F20290-10M
SC SC Spec sheet A2F20277-01M A2F20277-02M A2F20277-03M A2F20277-05M A2F20277-10M
SC LC Spec sheet F2F202L7-01M F2F202L7-02M F2F202L7-03M F2F202L7-05M F2F202L7-10M
SC MTRJ Spec sheet F2F20297-01M F2F20297-02M F2F20297-03M F2F20297-05M F2F20297-10M
LC LC Spec sheet F2F202LL-01M F2F202LL-02M F2F202LL-03M F2F202LL-05M F2F202LL-10M
LC MTRJ Spec sheet F2F202L9-01M F2F202L9-02M F2F202L9-03M F2F202L9-05M F2F202L9-10M
MTRJ MTRJ Spec sheet F2F20299-01M F2F20299-02M F2F20299-03M F2F20299-05M F2F20299-10M
50/125 Multimode - These fiber cables work in the same types of network deployments as
62.5/125 cables, and are also well suited for horizontal and intra-building deployments.
Connector specs 1 Meter 2 Meter 3 Meter 5 Meter 10 Meter
ST LC Spec sheet F2F402L0-01M F2F402L0-02M F2F402L0-03M F2F402L0-05M F2F402L0-10M
SC SC Spec sheet A2F40277-01M A2F40277-02M A2F40277-03M A2F40277-05M A2F40277-10M
SC LC Spec sheet F2F402L7-01M F2F402L7-02M F2F402L7-03M F2F402L7-05M F2F402L7-10M
LC LC Spec sheet F2F402LL-01M F2F402LL-02M F2F402LL-03M F2F402LL-05M F2F402LL-10M
50/125 Multimode 10 Gigabit Aqua - 10 Gigabit Aqua fiber is used for applications requiring
the highest throughput such as storage.
Connector specs 1 Meter 2 Meter 3 Meter 5 Meter 10 Meter
SC SC Spec sheet F2F40277-01M-G F2F40277-02M-G F2F40277-03M-G F2F40277-05M-G F2F40277-10M-G
LC LC Spec sheet F2F402LL-01M-G F2F402LL-02M-G F2F402LL-03M-G F2F402LL-05M-G F2F402LL-10M-G
SC LC Spec sheet F2F402L7-01M-G F2F402L7-02M-G F2F402L7-03M-G F2F402L7-05M-G F2F402L7-10M-G
LC ST Spec sheet F2F402L0-01M-G F2F402L0-02M-G F2F402L0-03M-G F2F402L0-05M-G F2F402L0-10M-G
8.3/125 Singlemode - Singlemode fiber is most often used for long-haul runs, between buildings
or in a campus environment.
Connector specs 1 Meter 2 Meter 3 Meter 5 Meter 10 Meter
ST ST Spec sheet F2F80200-01M F2F80200-02M F2F80200-03M F2F80200-05M F2F80200-10M
ST SC Spec sheet F2F80207-01M F2F80207-02M F2F80207-03M F2F80207-05M F2F80207-10M
ST LC Spec sheet F2F802L0-01M F2F802L0-02M F2F802L0-03M F2F802L0-05M F2F802L0-10M
SC SC Spec sheet F2F80277-01M F2F80277-02M F2F80277-03M F2F80277-05M F2F80277-10M
SC LC Spec sheet F2F802L7-01M F2F802L7-02M F2F802L70-03M F2F802L70-05M F2F802L7-10M
LC LC Spec sheet F2F802LL-01M F2F802LL-02M F2F802LL-03M F2F802LL-05M F2F802LL-10M
The Construction of a Fiber-Optic Cable:

Cable Jacket - The outermost layer of the fiber cable.

Strengthening fibers - The strengthening fibers that help protect the core against damage during installation or from being crushed.

Coating - This layer of thicker plastic surrounds the cladding and helps protect the fiber core.

Cladding - The layer that protects the core and causes the neccessary reflection to allow light to travel through the fiber-core segment.

Core - The physical component that transports the optical data signal, made up of a continuous strand of glass. The core's diameter is measured in microns.

Explanation of Fiber Cable
Core Cladding Mode
62.5 125 Multimode
This number means that the core
diameter of this cable is
62.5 microns.
This number means that the
cladding of this cable is
125 microns.
This refers to the mode of
the cable.

Belkin uses a very flexible jacket for our fiber patch cable(RoHS-compliant).

  • All ferrules are ceramic for optimal data transmission
  • Top-Quality Corning glass cores
  • PC polish to ensire optimal performance

Belkin Fiber-Cable Statistics

Insertion loss: <0.5 dB
Fiber extension: -0.05 nm < H +0.05 nm
Apex offset: < 50 nm
Increase in insertion loss after mating: 0.2 dB max.
Operation temperature: -20° to 70°C
Storage temperature: -40° to 80°C