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F5L071ak200W / {{blVariant}}
Now you can power your electronic devices on the go while in car through your cigarette lighter assembly (CLA). The built-in USB port allows you to charge your MP3/MP4 player and cell phone simultaneously while you power your laptop.
  • High-efficiency power conversion, which prolongs the automotive batteries service life
  • Automatic warning when the DC input voltage is under 10.6 , and automatic power-off when under 10.0V
  • Self-protection indicates via the LED against current overload, high temperatures, and low DC voltage
  • Power and low voltage indicators
  • Manual restart if automatick power-off is due to overloading
  • Power switch
  • Temperature protection
  • Blade fuse
  • The USB port charger allows simultaneously chrging o fMP3/MP4 players, cell phones and other electronic devices
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    • MacBook Pro 17”
    • MacBook Pro 15”
    • MacBook Pro 13”
    • MacBook Pro (2014)
    • MacBook Air 13”
    • MacBook Air 11”
    • MacBook Air