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AV360™ Mini DisplayPort Converter for 27"iMac

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Belkin’s new HDMI to Mini DisplayPort Adapter allows you to view HD content from your Blu-ray player, PS3, or cable box on your Apple LED-backlit widescreen monitor.

The adapter takes High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) content and converts it to the Mini DisplayPort format needed for the new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and new Mac desktops.

Because it enables high definition AV performance on your Apple LED-backlit Display, the Belkin HDMI to Mini DisplayPort Adapter provides you the option to use it like a digital TV.
  • Converts the HDMI signal from any HDMI source—such as a Blu-ray player or an Xbox—and enables you to view it on the new Apple display.
  • Creates an all-digital connection between HDMI source devices, such as DVD players, DVD recorders, gaming systems, digital set-top boxes, satellite TV receivers and A/V receivers with the Apple display.
  • Belkin’s Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable can also be used independent of the Adapter to extend the video from your MacBook to your iMac LED-backlit display for an expanded desktop.
  • Accepts full 1080p signal, provides 720p to iMac
  • Delivers stereo audio
  • HDCP-compliant
  • Includes the 4 ft. Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort Cable
  • Includes 4 ft. USB cable (powered by the USB connection)
  • Designed to complement supported Apple products
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