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Ultimate キーボードケース

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best iPad case




new iPad case




iPad cover with keyboard





iPad bluetooth keyboard




new iPad case with SoundFlow audio design





  • iPadのワイヤレスキーボード付きケース
  • キーボード厚みはわずか6.4mm
  • 3つの角度にスタンド調整可能
  • TruType キーでノートPCのような快適タイピングが可能
  • 160 時間のバッテリーライフ
  • サウンドフローデザインにより、iPadの音楽がよりクリアに


  • Ultimate キーボードケース本体
  • USB-to-micro-USBケーブル
  • 取り扱いガイド
  • iPadのワイヤレスキーボード付きケース
  • キーボード厚みはわずか6.4mm
  • 3つの角度にスタンド調整可能
  • TruType キーでノートPCのような快適タイピングが可能
  • 160 時間のバッテリーライフ
  • サウンドフローデザインにより、iPadの音楽がよりクリアに
“Belkin's Ultimate Keyboard Case ($100-$130) relies on one such word for its moniker, but here, it's not just marketing spin: "ultimate" mightn't be exactly right, but the review unit we've tested is one of the best Bluetooth keyboard cases for the iPad.”  Read More
—March 27, 2013
“The Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case is a perfect choice for those who like the stylish looks of an aluminum cover-style keyboard..."  Read More
—May 10, 2013
“It's the best keyboard on the market. Bar none."  Read More
—March 27, 2013
"…this keyboard case met and shattered my expectations for ease of use, style, and battery life. The smart sensing technology really makes this case stand out."  Read More
—August 26, 2016
"The only downside for taking notes on an iPad is trying to type on the virtual keyboard. That’s what makes Belkin’s Ultimate Keyboard Case the perfect accessory"  Read More
—August 8, 2013
“The iPad's perfect keyboard companion… The bottom line: The Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case might be the best way to turn your iPad into the closest thing to a laptop alternative, offering protection and not much bulk."  Read More
—April 08, 2013
“The Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad is a great example, taking a lot of cues from the massively popular Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad […] to create a solution that might be as near as perfect as tablet typers can get."  Read More
—April 08, 2013
“The Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad by Belkin is one of the thinnest, lightest models available. Its unique use of magnets sets it apart from the competition."  Read More
—March 27, 2013
“When the Bluetooth 2.0 keyboard isn't in use, users can simply fold it back behind the device, making the device more suitable for one-handed interaction. "  Read More
—March 27, 2013 By
@belkin do you have an #iPad and looking for the #UltimateKeyboard for it. Check out this video http://ow.ly/jrEgG and be amazed  Read More
I've been using an iPad as my main computer for close to two years now, and in that time I've used scads of keyboards. I've used a bunch of good ones… but the Belkin is my favorite one of the moment, with the best design I've seen to date.  Read More
Thanks @belkin for letting me beta test the amazing #UltimateKeyboard case! 😀😀😀 pic.twitter.com/NKp8TLmO7R  Read More
"By this criterion, the Belkin Ultimate comes out on top, due to its understated combination of a rigid, matte metallic plate on the outer keyboard side and a soft, black faux-leather feel to the material that covers the iPad itself. "  Read More
—June 8, 2013
“Typing is the key thing you want out of a keyboard case, and the Ultimate’s chiclet-style keyboard is quite responsive.”  Read More
—May 29, 2013

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