5 out of 5 Customer Rating

BoostCharge USB-C to USB-C Cable

BoostCharge USB-C to USB-C Cable

BoostCharge USB-C to USB-C Cable

5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Add durability and flexibility to your charge with our BoostCharge Flex cables. Engineered with silicone technology, these soft-to-touch cables deliver a powerful charge without kinking and tangling. Comes in three lengths and four stylish colors.   


Soft, Durable, Fast

Our most bendable cable yet. BOOST↑CHARGE™ Flex silicone cables bring flexibility, softness, and durability to your charge, giving you optimum performance in a charging cable that won’t kink, tangle, or get frayed. Engineered with silicone technology, these USB-C to USB-C cables are soft-to-touch and flexible while still being up to 25X more durable than ordinary cables*. It’s USB-C PD compatible to deliver a powerful charge for Samsung, iPad, Google, and more. Available in 1M/3.3FT, 2M/6.6FT, and 3M/10FT lengths. Comes in 4 stylish colors—black, white, blue, and pink.

25X Stronger

Our silicone cables are built to withstand daily wear and tear, giving you a charging cable that’s up to 25X more durable* than ordinary cables.

A Fast Charge for Your Samsung Device

Our silicone USB-C to USB-C cable supports USB-C Power Delivery, supporting fast charging speeds of 0-50% in 26 mins for a Samsung S21 Ultra**.

Our Softest Cable Ever

BOOST↑CHARGE™ Flex cables bring silicone softness and bendable flexibility to your charge, giving you cables that won’t easily tangle, kink, or break.

Keep Things Tidy

Keep things organized when in-use or on-the-go. These silicone cables come with a convenient cable clip for easy, tidy storage.

Multiple Lengths

Charge it from anywhere and everywhere. Our USB-C to USB-C silicone cables are available in three convenient cable lengths—1M/3.3Ft, 2M/6.6FT, 3M/10FT.

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At a Glance

  • 25X more durable* than ordinary PVC cables
  • Tested to survive 25,000+ bends
  • Ultra-flexible silicone technology resists tangling and kinking
  • USB-C PD compatible, supports fast charging a Samsung S21 Ultra from 0-50% in 26 minutes**
  • Includes a cable clip to keep things tidy 
  • Comes in three sizes, 1M/3.3FT, 2M/6.6FT, or 3M/10FT
  • Available in four colors

Package Includes

  •  BOOST↑CHARGE™ Flex USB-C to USB-C Cable

† Availability varies per region.

* Withstands up to 25,000 bends based on internal laboratory test result, compared with 1,000 bends for an ordinary PVC cable.

** Fast charges Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra from 0–50% in 26 minutes when paired with a 25W PD PPS power adapter. Charge time varies with environmental factors; actual results will vary.