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iPhone XS맥스 ScreenForce ®TemperedGlass 스크린 보호 강화유리

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ScreenForce® iPhone 強化玻璃保護貼


強化玻璃較一般玻璃更為強韌,為你的手機螢幕提供具彈性的防磨損保護。嚴選優質日本玻璃精製而成,既可保留螢幕的順暢滑動觸感,且經過嚴格測試,能帶來你心目中 iPhone 的光亮度、銳利度和清晰度。簡易對齊托架讓你能輕鬆自行安裝,效果平順妥帖,發揮極致保護作用。



  • 高級化工製造日本鋼化玻璃
  • 市面上最高水平防刮功能*
  • 設有簡易對齊托架,安裝既簡單又準確,絕不留有氣泡
  • 兼容手機殼,帶來全方位保護
  • 有限終身保養,可無憂無慮使用保護貼**

* 採用 ASTM D3363 薄膜硬度鉛筆試驗法進行測試,硬度評級高達 9H,而低碳鋼僅為 5H
**僅限美國和加拿大。其他地方為 2 年有限保養服務。

  • Premium Japanese tempered glass provides crystal clarity
  • Chemically-engineered glass for enhanced strength and impact protection
  • Highest level of scratch resistance available to protect from scratches and scuffs*
  • Intelligent glass composition reacts and feels like the natural screen
  • Easy Align tray for simple, precise, bubble-free application
  • Case-compatible for all-round protection
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Americas and Europe only. 2-Year Limited Warranty elsewhere)

*Rated 9H against low-carbon steel at 5H, using the ASTM D3363 Film Hardness by Pencil Test Hardness

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