This December, help make someone
else's holiday a little brighter.

Your purchase on help support the efforts of the Los Angeles Regional Food Back, an
independent non-profit providing food to social service agencies in Los Angeles County.

Make the most of your dollars by taking advantage of this season's special offer*.

The more
you spend.
The more
we donate.
The more
you help feed.
Spend We'll Donate Which Will Feed
$24.99 – $49.98 $1.00 1 family of 4
$49.99 – $74.98 $2.00 2 families
$74.99 – $99.98 $3.00 3 families
$99.99 or more $4.00 4 families
Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Many of us think of hunger as something that happens outside of the U.S. But 14% of Americans (48.8 million people) experience hunger or the risk of hunger. Nearly 976,000 children live in homes where families skip meals, eat too little, or go a whole day without food. One out of every six households in the U.S. eats a reduced diet to save money for rent, clothing or childcare.

Hunger in America is real. At Belkin, we want to help provide safety and good nutrition to families in need. That's why we support the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, an organization that provides food to about 10% of the residents of LA County. In addition to giving a portion of the proceeds of your purchase directly to LARFB, we're also hosting a virtual food drive with our employees, volunteering in the LARFB warehouse, and donating products to help keep them connected to the agencies that fight hunger every day.

To make a difference in your local neighborhood, click here to see where you can donate food near you.

Offer valid until November 30, 2011. Offer available only on purchases made at and shipped within the United States and Canada. Discount does not apply to tax or shipping charges. Offer good while supplies last, no rain checks and cannot be combined with other discounts or offers. Discount, prices, and product availability subject to change without notice.