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Belkin Careers Product Management


Belkin’s Product Managers are responsible for every aspect of every product. They collaborate with Purchasing, Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Market Research, and Finance. Our Product Managers are constantly studying our markets and customers to figure out what kinds of products consumers are itching to buy—and how we can make those products come to life.

Product Management team members work together to design product roadmaps to help lead Belkin’s solutions to the perfect place in the market for them to fit and excel. They’re also responsible for not just creating product timelines, but for making sure that our products stay on track to meeting those timelines as well the high standards of Belkin and our customers. Our Product Managers are the champions of Belkin products and thus remain accountable throughout the entire product lifecycle.

What’s most exciting? Our Product Managers aren’t just creating new products. They’re also shaping and inventing new categories that are altering the landscape of the future.

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The pm department includes the following disciplines:

  • Business Unit Management
  • Product Development
  • Product Marketing

People Story

“The team I work with are amazing and we all support each other to ensure we get the job done at the same time as having fun!”

- Sally, Product Manager

We are looking for candidates to fill the following positions:

    No position available for this category.

Sally Bolton - Product Manager

  • Hometown: Rushden, UK
  • Her favorite part of the job: Fast pace and high energy levels that the role commands.
  • What she likes best about being at Belkin: Having the opportunity to work with people from around the world.
  • What you’ll find her doing after work: Mixed Hockey

Sally has been working at Belkin for nearly 4 years and is actively involved in the management of numerous categories. Perhaps most notably renowned for the management of the Laptop Bag Category, being instrumental in achieving the success of this category across the EMEA region.

Sally:I have worked relentlessly to offer support to all Sales regions across EMEA to ensure they have the right tools and product in place to gain success and market penetration and have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic and innovative products.

As a mother of two, Sally is able to achieve the correct Work-Life balance which is really important to her.

Skills and Values

You’re a natural-born leader, but also a creative team player. You know how to be accountable at each step of the process and can take responsibility for getting the job done right. You’re familiar with every aspect of the organisation—from Sales to Marketing to Finance. You know that the business is measured in numbers, so you know to constantly analyse trends in the marketplace, on a micro and macro level. You’re full of enthusiasm and can’t wait to get started every day.

We are looking for candidates to fill the following positions:

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