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Este protector de pantalla de intercambio de iones doble ofrece privacidad, está diseñado para los dispositivos de la serie iPhone 12 y te ofrece la durabilidad y privacidad que necesitas para evitar las miradas entrometidas. El revestimiento antimicrobiano reduce el crecimiento bacteriano sin sacrificar un ápice de su capacidad de respuesta o claridad.

2X Stronger Than Tempered Glass

UltraGlass is a first-of-its-kind glass and 2x stronger than Tempered Glass* delivering unmatched screen protection. This double ion-exchange strengthened glass provides top-of-the-line protection against impacts and drops and engineered for precision to deliver a native screen experience. An ultra-tough top layer of the screen protector is tested to provide the highest level of scratch protection available, keeping your screen safe from keys, coins, and everything else.

Robusta protección frente a los gérmenes

Everywhere we go, our phones collect germs from our fingers, pockets, purses, or car seats. An extra anti-microbial coating reduces 99%** of bacterial growth on your screen, giving you more peace of mind.

Mantén la privacidad de tu pantalla

UltraGlass Privacy allows you to enjoy full screen privacy in portrait mode, keeping your emails, texts, and photos protected from prying eyes. If you want to share what’s on your screen, simply flip your iPhone to landscape mode for an unobstructed view from all angles. Made with micro louver technology, the advanced 2-way side filter reduces vision from a 30-degree angle for the ultra-privacy needed in today’s connected world.

Ultraduro para una protección máxima

Probado para resistir el contacto con objetos sólidos de metal, como llaves y monedas, y el daño causado por caídas e impactos, UltraGlass proporciona una resistencia superior contra el deterioro del uso diario. Ha pasado las pruebas de dureza que certifican un grado 9 H† contra lápiz, siendo este el mayor nivel disponible de protección contra arañazos.

Con ingeniería alemana

UltraGlass is precision-cut so thinly that it becomes highly sensitive to pressure. This, combined with intelligent glass composition, ensures every touch and movement is transferred accurately to the screen beneath for a flawless touchscreen experience. What's more, it has been engineered with anti-fingerprint coating that repels dirt and smudges, leaving you with a pristine display for streaming or reading.

Package Includes:

  • SCREENFORCE™ UltraGlass Privacy Anti-Microbial Screen Protector
  • Easy Align Tray
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Dust removal sticker