Hello WeMo User,

We hope you are enjoying WeMo! We’re working on new stuff for WeMo, and knowing how you use WeMo would be a big help.

If you can help, just send us a screenshot of these screens inside your WeMo app:

1. Switches
2. Sensors
3. Rules

Find the screens by navigating the menu at the bottom of the WeMo app and email them to research@belkin.com. To take a screen shot, go to the screen you would like to capture and press the Home and Power buttons at the same time. The screenshot will appear in your photo library.

Don’t bother spiffing them up or making any changes – we want to see these screens just as they are. This information will help us with the design of new updates and functionality we’re creating.

If there’s anything else you would like to tell us (good or bad), we would love to hear from you. You can rate WeMo and enter your comments at our 4-question survey.

We appreciate your help!
Belkin WeMo team