With saturation of CFL programs and an ever increasing plug load, how do you find an affordable solution with a compelling ROI and proven deemed savings?

We invite you to join the growing number of utilities who have turned to Belkin, the world's leader in power strip technology, to help fill that need.
Belkin's Smart AV Power Strip has been approved to participate in advanced power strip programs in New York and Massachusetts and has received a deemed savings of 84 kWh/yr for 15 years from NYSERDA and 75 kWh/yr for five years from Mass Save. By incorporating Belkin's Smart AV into your residential energy efficiency program, you'll be able to realize these savings too.
Verified deemed savings make it easy for efficiency program managers to receive regulatory approval to include Belkin Smart AV in energy efficiency programs. UL's Environmental Claims has verified Smart AV can save up to 569 kWh/year. Smart AV has also been approved to participate in multiple state-level advanced power strip programs.
The master outlet auto-senses when the TV or computer is on or off and controls power to five peripheral outlets for AV or computer components.
When the master device turns off, power to the
peripheral components goes off too—including
standby power—so no energy is wasted.
The Smart AV contains technology that will
automatically sense when a device has been turned
off allowing for easy set up and reducing customer
complaints and returns.
Smart AV is free of manual configuration. Simply plug a "master" device into the green outlet and the automatic internal threshold adjustment will recognize when the "master"device has been turned off. There is no need
to make any adjustments to the product.

Smart AV's automatic threshold adjustment allows for easy set up and long term positive user experiences, reducing customer complaints and ensuring the device will deliver promised savings for years to come.
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