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Belkin Data Recovery Warranty

Should your computer's hard drive malfunction due to a failure of the Belkin Battery Backup or Belkin SurgeMaster protecting your PC from power disturbances, Belkin will provide professional data recovery services at no cost to you. The service to salvage remaining data and recover lost data will be performed by ActionFront Data Recovery, a world leader in data recovery services- ActionFront.com.


Data Recovery Warranty Information

What is data loss?

The inability to access any data from a previously functioning computer system or backup.

What causes data loss?

User error, device failure, virus, fire, flood, and/or power problems

What is data recovery?

  • The act of obtaining usable data from downed computers and backups.
  • A highly technical and labor-intensive process usually performed in a controlled "lab" environment.
  • Data recovery can save time, money, businesses, and even lives, but it can also be expensive.
  • Data recovery is a bonus service included with any SurgeMasterô Maximum or Gold Series model designed with telephone/modem protection, and all UPS Battery Backups.

Power Problems Can Cause Data Loss

The frequency of power disturbances and the potential for damage to unprotected equipment are more likely than you might think.

Here is a list of the most common types of power disturbances.


Surge: A short-term increase in voltage, typically lasting at least 1/120 of a second.

Causes: Extra voltage is dissipated through the power line when high-powered electrical motors, such as air conditioners, are switched off.

Effects: Voltage outside of expected average levels can damage delicate components and cause premature failure.

Spike: A sharp, instantaneous increase in voltage. A spike can enter electronic equipment through AC outlets, and/or network serial or phone lines.

Causes: A spike typically results from a lightning strike nearby, but it can also occur when utility power comes back online after having been out for a period of time due to a storm or accident.

Effects: Spikes can cause catastrophic damage to, or completely destroy, electronic components and hardware. Some spikes result in total data loss.

Sags/Brownouts: Short-term decreases in voltage levels that are very common and occur regularly.

Cause: Sags are typically caused by the start-up power demands of several electrical devices (including motors, air conditioners, compressors, elevators, shop tools, etc.) within a small area such as a building or home. "Rolling brownouts" occur when a utility company systematically lowers voltage levels to accommodate extraordinary power demands such as during summer months when air-conditioner use peaks.

Effect: A sag basically "starves" a computer of the power it needs to function, causing frozen keyboards and unexpected system crashes, with the end result being data loss or corruption.

Blackouts: A sudden and complete loss of utility power.

Cause: Excessive demands on the power supply or any catastrophe-such as a traffic or construction accident; a rain, wind, or ice storm; or lightning-that can knock out power lines and damage utility poles.

Effect: Data corruption and/or damage to the hard drive of your computer.

Line Noise/Contamination: Line noise is more technically referred to as Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). This electrical noise disrupts the normally smooth sine wave provided by utility power.

Causes: Lightning, load switching, generators, radio transmitters, and industrial equipment. It may be intermittent or constant.

Effects: Line noise introduces errors into executable programs and corrupts data files.


Data Loss Prevention Checklist

  • Back Up Your Systems: copy your data to an alternate media.
  • Practice Restoring from a Backup before you need it.
  • Never Upgrade without a Verified Backup: an upgradegone- wrong can wipe out your data.
  • Organize and Document Your Systems
  • Practice Preventative Physical Maintenance: control temperature, humidity, and focus on cleanliness.
  • Practice Preventative Soft (Logical) Maintenance: run utilities such as ScanDisk and Defrag.
  • Pay Attention to Alarms: many systems warn of imminent failure.
  • Pay Attention to Security: computer viruses and physical threats.
  • Redundancy: keep alternate or extra systems available. Business users should designate one or more individuals with the prime responsibility for data security, and for creation and maintenance of a business continuance/disaster recovery plan.

More information about data loss prevention and data recovery can be found at services.seagate.com
Need Data Recovery? Call 1(800)475-1643.


Contact Information

In the unlikely event that your connected computer equipment is damaged and/or you lose data due to the failure of a Belkin SurgeMaster or UPS, contact Belkin Components at 1800-2-belkin or Belkin.com and we will:

Protect Your Data Against these Power Problems

  • Surge
  • Spike
  • Brownout
  • Blackout
  • Line Noise/Contamination

The Data Recovery Warranty is included with specially marked Belkin Surge Protector and UPS products.

Look for any of the below information on the package:

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