Data Line Protection:

Our Surge Protectors can also protect your Internet Connection. Here are your choices:

1 Line 2 Wire: Most homes are wired with RJ11 phone cord with pins 2 and 3 active. A home with 1 telephone line will need 1 line 2 wire data line protection.

1 Line (2 sets of 2 wire jacks): If you have two data communication devices that must be protected, our F5C595-TEL2 and F5C595-TEL2-EXT models have a second set of RJ11 phone jacks.

2 Line, 4 Wire: When a second telephone line is installed in a home, the telephone company normally activates the 1 and 4 pins for the second line. As we mentioned above, the primary line uses Pins 2 and 3. A 2 line, 4 wire surge protector is perfect for homes with 2 line phones or a dedicated line for the Internet or a fax machine.

Cable Modem: Today's cable modems use a coax cable (RG65) connection to connect to the internet.

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line): A DSL line uses the existing telephone wire in your home/office. If you have a special DSL line installed, contact your DSL company to find out how many wires (pins) the connection requires.

Network (RJ45) 10/100 Base-T: A computer network using Cat 5 cable can be protected using our Network protection. Some business phones use a RJ45 jack. Contact your phone company to determine if RJ45 connections are present.