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     To receive a full refund for a qualifying Belkin wireless product, you must follow these Instructions. If you fail to submit the required documents by the deadline set forth below, your claim will be rejected, and you will lose the right to receive a refund under the settlement.

     Who is Eligible for a Full Refund of Actual Purchase Price? You may be eligible to receive a full refund of your actual purchase price of your Covered Belkin Wireless Product if: while residing in the United States, you purchased, between October 13, 2002 and February 5, 2007, a Covered Belkin Wireless Product from an entity that regularly sold such devices or items at the time of such purchase.

     What is a Covered Belkin Wireless Product? These include 37 different wireless routers, modems and adapters, the packaging for which, at the time of retail purchase, did not state that the actual data transmission rates and/or connectivity ranges would be lower than the rate and/or range, respectively, identified on the product. “Covered Belkin Wireless Products” do not include any products that were installed in or sold with other devices, items or equipment. The product identification (SKU) numbers for these 37 products are the following: B5D036, F1UP0001, F5D6000, F5D6001, F5D6020, F5D6050, F5D6050-APL, F5D6051, F5D6060, F5D6130, F5D6230-3, F5D6230-4, F5D6231-4, F5D6231-4-APL, F5D7000, F5D7001, F5D7010, F5D7010-APL, F5D7011, F5D7050, F5D7130, F5D7230-4, F5D72314, F5D7231-4P, F5D7233, F5D7330, F5D8000, F5D8010, F5D8230-4, F5D9009, F5D9010, F5D9013, F5D9050, F5D9230-4, F6D3000, F6D3010, and F6D3230-4.

     How you obtain a refund: You may be eligible to receive up to two full refunds of the actual purchase price, but only if, no later than 180 days after the date of the Class Notice, you fill out and submit online the Refund Claim Form and Release (“Refund Claim Form”) found at Online Form. After you submit the Refund Claim Form online, and once the settlement is approved and becomes final, Belkin will e-mail you a notice (the “Refund Notice”). Then, within ninety (90) days of the Refund Notice, you must send a copy of the Refund Notice, along with the original or legible photocopy of the sales receipt(s) for the Covered Product(s) showing the place and date of purchase(s) and the purchase price(s) paid for the Covered Product(s), via U.S. Mail, addressed to: Belkin Settlement PO Box 1863 Faribault, MN 55021-7118, Attn: Networking Offer.

     What if I do not have an original or legible copy of the sales receipt? If you purchased up to three Covered Belkin Wireless Products pursuant to the requirements set forth above but do not have an original or legible copy of the sales receipt(s), you will still be eligible to purchase up to three new Belkin wireless networking products at a 50% discount from Belkin’s online store, www.belkin.com, during the “Promotional Code Redemption Period,” as defined below, by using a Promotional Code provided by Belkin. You are not required to submit a claim form to obtain the first Promotional Discount Code. Instead, you may simply visit the Belkin website in approximately six to ten months to obtain a Promotional Discount Code. However, if you wish Belkin to send a Promotional Discount Code directly to you by e-mail, or if you wish to obtain a second or third Promotional Discount Code, you must, no later than 180 days after the date of the Class Notice, register your request at: Promotional Code

     No Settlement Class Member may obtain more than two refunds or three Promotional Codes.


     Please remember that a Refund Claim Form, to be valid, must be completely and accurately filled out and must include ALL requested information. You may not submit more than one Refund Claim Form, although you may list on the Refund Claim Form up to two Covered Belkin Wireless Products for which you have proof of purchase (as discussed above). Incomplete, fraudulent or otherwise defective Refund Claim Forms will be rejected, and any sales receipts you send in accompanied by Refund Notices obtained through such Refund Claim Forms will not be returned to you.


     In the event that Belkin rejects any claim for a full refund or promotional discount, Belkin will notify you of the rejection and the reason for the rejection, and will advise you that you may challenge the rejection by contacting Belkin within 21 days of the rejection and informing Belkin of the basis for your challenge. Belkin will attempt to resolve the dispute in good faith with you within 30 days of receipt of your challenge. If the dispute remains, you will be notified that you have 14 days to contact Class Counsel to appeal Belkin’s rejection of the claim. If Class Counsel believes the rejection of the claim was appropriate, Class Counsel will so notify you and Belkin’s counsel within 14 days of being contacted by you, and the appeal will be rejected and concluded. If Class Counsel disputes the rejection, Class Counsel will so notify Belkin’s counsel within 14 days of receipt of the appeal, and the Parties will attempt to resolve any and all disputes in good faith. If the claim is accepted as a result of the appeal process, you will be provided with your full refund or promotional discount code within 7 days of notification that the claim was accepted, and, in the case of a promotional discount code, shall have until the end of the Promotional Code Redemption Period, or 90 days, whichever is later, to use the code for an online purchase.

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