Connected Equipment Warranty Claim Form for Surge Protector and UPS

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Connected Devices
Please fill out the following list of the devices damaged while properly connected to the Belkin surge protector. This claim is valid only for the items and surge protector listed. Any deviation will result in the cancellation or delay in processing the claim.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that all the fields for connected devices are not left blank. If you accidentally hit "Add Another Device" without the intention of adding an additional device to the list, please enter 'N/A' for any blank fields and select 'N' when asked if the device has been damaged.

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IMPORTANT: Your claim form is not valid until it is signed and mailed to Belkin along with your surge protector within 30 days from the request date. To obtain the printable version of your claim form and important shipping instructions, please proceed by clicking "Next" below.