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WOW Award
Regulator Pro Gold Series UPS
WOW Award
PCI Networking Interface Card

"...the Belkin PCI 10/100 network card is a top performer...Belkin has shown that it can, Without a doubt, match the quality and value of the other network cards in the market with it's new line of network cards for both the desktop and laptop."
WOW Award
OmniView SE 4-Port KVM Switch

"Seeing that this product is the centerpiece of OnePC's new test lab, it's a safe bet that this product is an excellent investment if you wish to run multiple computers without the hassles and costs of running multiple monitors, keyboards and mice."
Editor's Choice
USB Ethernet Adapter

"...this adapter will allow users to quickly connect a computer to a networked environment with little or no hassle."
Editor's Choice
Silver Series UPS

"The Belkin UPS has a load of great features that should be sufficient to handle all your power needs...This is an excellent UPS solution for the home or small office. It is small and stylish and should not prove to be an eyesore."
Editor's Choice
MiniScroller Mouse

"The MiniScroller does everything Belkin states that it will... The Belkin MiniScroller has twice the volume of other laptop-intended mice such as those offered by targus, PCally, or even CompUSA...The cord is a slightly more ample length then most laptop mice, which is nice..."
Drool Award
USB BusStation (F5U100)

"...the BusStation concepts is very cool, with swappable modules that allow you to add more USB ports, serial or parallel modules, SCSI devices, and even Ethernet modules."
Drool Award
Regulator Pro Gold Series NetUPS (F6C100)

"This UPS is designed with many advanced features that would make it the perfect companion to any gaming system, especially ones that are hooked up to a network...this little baby can handle quite the power load."
Aware Award
2-port OmniView SE KVM Switch

"Overall, the OmniView provides video, keyboard and mouse performance with no noticeable degradation, which is a major plus for gamers and system admins alike...All said, the Omniview did exactly what it is suppose to- and did it well."
Aware Award
USB KVM Switch

"Now, this Piece of hardware is stacked...This product is awesome...It excellent video and USB support, was really easy to use and it was easy to install."
Hot Rod Award
Regulator Pro Gold Series UPS (F6C650-USB)

"if it's top of the line quality and features for your PC, the regulator Pro Gold 650VA is the
UPS for the job... The cool looks, features, performance, and price has achieved the
Belkin Regulator Pro Gold 650VA UPS the PC Roddin Hot Rod Award!"

Editor's Choice Award
2-port OmniCube KVM Switch

"never once did the switch fail to change over each system and it changed over rapidly
everytime...It switched faster than I thought it would, So it actually exceeded my expectations. Never once did I have a problem with losing the mouse or keyboard between Oses and the monitor never went out of whack."

USB 4-Port hub (F5U101)

"I feel the hub excelled in performance,reliability, options, and style and in the end had no flaws or disappointing aspects."
Cutting Edge Award
FireWire PCI Card

" problems in recognition...System Babies would not hesitate in recommending this card...If it's a quality IEEE 1394 PCI Card you're after, then Belkin's card is perfect choice. "
Cutting Edge Award
USB VideoBus II

"Installing the USB VideoBus II was painless. A piece of cake...It's size makes it portable so you can easily set up on a new location with or without a laptop."
4-Port OmniView KVM Switch
USB VideoBus II

"I was extremely pleased with the way that the OmniView Pro performed and functioned - it's made
life a whole lot easier."

USB/FireWire Combo PCI Card

"...Having the internal FireWire port has the obvious advantage of being able to use internal Firewire devices - this is something we didn't see on Aten's card... for those wanting the more configuration options and a couple more USB ports as well as some basic software, the Belkin USB/Firewire combo is the only way to fly."

Bottom Line

Box Contents: 84%
Performance: 82%
Value: 84%

Overall Score: 84%

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