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Easy to set up, easy to use

Routers are the backbone of the connected home. They need to do their job, briliantly, and get out of the way. That's why Belkin Routers are designed to get you up and running in no time. Just follow these five simple steps and you'll be ready to surf, stream, do everything online you want to do.

  1. 1
    Disconnect modem power supply.
  2. 2
    Plug router into modem.
  3. 3
    Plug in modem power supply.
  4. 4
    Plug in router power supply.
  5. 5
    Insert startup disk for quick on-screen setup.

Optimize your network
for streaming and gaming

Dual-band speeds and MultiBeam antenna technology give Belkin routers the power and performance for streaming video from your favorite websites, online gaming and downloading.

Preset Security

Belkin routers come preconfigured with wireless security encryption to get you up and running safely from the start.

Ready, Set, Surf

It's easier than ever to confirm when your wireless network is ready to use. Once you're set up, your network status appears right on your computer screen where you can see it—no more checking lights under your desk. From there, all you have to do is surf.

If you need help, our world-class Customer Care team is available 24/7 to answer your questions.

CHOOSE YOUR WIRELESS SOLUTION Find the wireless router or adapter that's
right for you–and surf, play and stream
from any seat in the house.
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The Power to Perform

Your online experience starts with great performance. Advanced technology and enhanced power give you all the speed and coverage you need for media intensive applications like streaming video, downloading content and online gaming.

Introducing AC: Next generation Wi-Fi

AC Wi-Fi takes home networking to a whole new level, handling the needs of the busiest wireless household with ease. AC creates a Wi-Fi network operating up to three times the speed of current 'N' technology*. *802.11ac 1.3Gbps is approximately 3x faster than 802.11 450Mbps

Multibeam Technology

Belkin's exclusive MultiBeam antenna technology gives you powerful signal strength and maximum coverage so you can connect multiple desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets at the same time. So now everyone can live their online lives to the fullest, in perfect harmony. High-powered, consistent wireless signal and greater throughput minimizes dead spots throughout your home for optimized video streaming and gaming.

Intellistream QoS

Quality of Service technology gives higher priority to video and gaming for optimal performance. Videos stream uninterrupted, music downloads faster.


Belkin routers use multiple wireless antennas to transmit and receive digital data in simultaneous radio streams for increased range and throughput. The result? More power and more speed for all your online activities.


Double your performance and bandwidth with advanced Dual-Band routers. Simultaneous bands—2.4 GHz and 5 GHz—eliminate interference and optimize performance for media-intensive applications like video streaming and gaming.

Parental Control powered by Norton

The Web is an amazing resource, but not everything is appropriate for all family members. This technology employs Internet filters which effectively block unwanted and inappropriate content.

MEDIA MOVER software by 

Media Mover makes it easy to stream music, movies and photos from your USB drive to all your mobile devices, and HDTV.

Wireless printing

Printing has never been easier. Just connect any USB compatible printer to your Belkin router, and print wirelessly from any computer in the house.

CHOOSE YOUR WIRELESS SOLUTION Find the wireless router or adapter that's
right for you–and surf, play and stream
from any seat in the house.
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Next Generation Wi-Fi
for the connected home

AC Wi-Fi is taking home networking to a new level of reliability, speed and coverage. The fifth and latest generation of Wi-Fi technology, AC creates a network operating at up to three times the speed of current 'N' technology*. An AC Wi-Fi network handles the needs of the busiest wireless household, with ease.

Mobile devices take center stage

Mobile devices are changing the way we watch movies, play games, surf the web, email, pretty much everything. With the advent of AC Wi-Fi, full HD movies stream effortlessly, the most sophisticated online games play seamlessly. You will, finally, truly hold the world in your hands.

Stream multiple HD movies and shows

AC Wi-Fi creates a much wider, faster, more robust pathway. So HD video quality over your home Wi-Fi network is now indistinguishable from watching over cable TV or satellite. Now everyone can watch their own full HD movies, play the most advanced online games—all at the same time, all over the house.

AC vs. N speed*

AC technology ushers in the fifth generation of Wi-Fi. It easily keeps up with the most demanding video traffic, and is perfect for high use mobile devices.

For years Wi-Fi held the promise of delivering seamless entertainment, and now that promise has come true. With the advent of AC technology, home Wi-Fi networks have finally come of age. *802.11ac 1.3Gbps is approximately 3x faster than 802.11 450Mbps

Fast backing up and syncing

Having an AC Wi-Fi network means all your data transfers at high speed. So wireless backup and syncing of your Wi-Fi devices is lightning fast. Want to rearrange your music library on your iPod, maybe put some new movies on your iPod? Done. Want to back up your work from you laptop to a network drive? You won't believe how fast that happens.

CHOOSE YOUR WIRELESS SOLUTION Find the wireless router or adapter that's
right for you–and surf, play and stream
from any seat in the house.
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