Replacement Belkin Back Up Power Supply Unit for Some AT&T U-verse Voice Customers

AT&T routinely conducts extensive tests of its products and requires its suppliers to meet exacting quality standards.

We, Belkin International,Inc. manufacture the back-up power supply unit installed with your AT&T U-verse Voice service. The back up power supply is the gray box that is connected to your AT&T U-verse wireless gateway, which AT&T installed when your U-verse Voice service was installed. This device enables service, including access to 911, if commercial power is lost. We have recommended that AT&T replace one version of these units. Specifically, this version may fail, which means it will not provide back-up power and you won’t be able to make calls – including 911 calls – if commercial power goes out.

If you have received one of the Belkin back-up power supply units in question, you will be provided a new unit as soon as possible. Of course these actions are being conducted at no cost to you, and we truly apologize for any inconvenience you may experience.

Do I have a Belkin unit that needs to be replaced?

Only one specific type of Belkin back up power supply unit is being replaced. The first step to determine whether or not you need a replacement unit is to enter your U-verse billing account number or BAN in the window below, and click “search”. With that information, we will then help you identify your device serial number to determine if you need a replacement.

Your U-verse BAN is a 9-digit number that can be found in either the Account Information or Billing & Payments section of your online account.

Enter Your U-verse BAN: