Get address automatically (DHCP)The IP address of the machine managing IP addresses (usually the same as the gateway).
IP AddressAssign the IP address of this product. The IP address is a series of numbers separated by decimal points, for example
Subnet MaskThe subnet mask use by your local network. This is set automatically basedon the IP address.
Default GatewayThe IP address Home Base will use to communicate with the internet. This is usually the address of your router.

Primary DNS ServerThe IP address of an external server used to translate names into IP addresses, usually provided by your Internet Service Provider.
Secondary DNS ServerSet a secondary DNS server address. When DHCP are enabled, the DNS address obtained from these servers will be given higher priority.

WINS ServerThe IP address of a WINS server, used to resolve the IP address from the host name. Therefore you can use a hostname instead of the IP address when printing.
CommentSet the description of this product. The information set here is shown as the description (comments) of this product in Windows Explorer.
WorkgroupSpecify the workgroup that this product belongs to.

AddressSet a proxy server address..
PortSet a proxy server port number.