Status Network Settings System Information  
System Information
MAC Address Display the MAC address of this product.
Firmware Version Display the firmware version of this product.
URL Link to Belkin International, Inc. global Web site.
New Password Configure the password in ASCII characters. This is used as the authentication password for configuration changes via the Web page.
Re-enter New Password Re-enter the new password.
Reboot Reboot this product by clicking Start.
Reset to Factory Default Reset this product to factory default settings, and reboot by clicking Start.
Time Display the time when a PC is connected to or disconnected from a networked USB device.
Event Display the PC event history. (Connect/Disconnect)
USB Device Display the USB device that is used.
Connected PC Display the IP address of a PC that is connected to a USB device.
Firmware File Update the firmware. Specify the file path for the firmware to be updated.