General Troubleshooting
Device Troubleshooting
Printer Troubleshooting VPN Troubleshooting

General Troubleshooting

If you are having issues with the Network USB Hub, be sure to try these general tips first:
  1. Is the product turned on? The AC adapter may be unplugged, or extension power cord may not be plugged in properly. Verify that all cables are plugged properly.
  2. Is the network cable or USB cable connected properly? The network (LAN) cable or USB cable may be unplugged or have bad contacts. Verify the cable connections.
  3. Is your PC connected to a network? If your PC is networked to LAN, try to see if your PC is connected to other network PCs or if you can browse the Internet. Verify that the network is working properly.
  4. Is the Link LED of the Hub turned on? If the Link LED of the Hub is not turned on, it may not be connected properly. Exchange network cables or verify the connection.
  5. Is the network cable broken? The network cables used for a network may be broken. Particularly, the cables put on the floor in an office have higher possibility of damage. Verify the network cables.
  6. Did you install any software just before your trouble occurred? The software may be causing a problem. Remove the software you installed and re-install it.
  7. Does the same problem occur after rebooting your PC? Rebooting the PC may solve the problem. 

Device Troubleshooting

If a device is visible in the Control Center, but you cannot connect to it, your firewall may be blocking the connection. During installation, the Control Center configures the Windows firewall to enable the Hub to operate properly, but if you are running a third-party firewall, you may need to specify settings to open a port and enable operation of the Hub and Control Center. For information on how to do this with several types of popular firewalls, see firewall settings.

Printer Troubleshooting

When sharing a printer, the correct driver must be selected in the device properties Connections tab. For more information, see printer connections.

VPN Troubleshooting

The Network USB Hub may not work with VPN (Virtual Private Network) as VPN filters the connection between the computer and other network devices. If you have VPN enabled and the Network USB Hub does not work, please turn off the VPN connection.