Belkin N+ Router and Modem-Router - Additional Information


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Interactive Knowing Your Router Guide

The Belkin N+ Router F5D8235 and Modem-Router F5D8632 offer a number of new features that are new compared with previous Routers and Modem-Routers. Here is a brief summary of the new features. All of them have a link to additional information about the feature with screen shots. The off-line interface of the products, in the Interfaces section of Pyramid can also be used to explore the new features.

The new features of the N+ Line are:

Storage and Storage Manager: The Router and Modem-Router have a USB port to connect USB storage devices (hard disks, flash disks). The storage can be shared over the network using the SMB protocol (the standard protocol for Windows networking). The units come with optional Storage Manager software for Windows and Mac OS that makes access to the shared storage easier, but the storage can be used without this software and from computers running other Operating Systems with support for SMB, such as Linux.


Speedometer: On the front of the router there is a 5 LED speedometer giving an indication of the percentage of the bandwidth currently in use for downloads. From bottom to top, the LEDs indicate 5%, 15%, 30%, 60% and 100% of the maximum throughput respectively.

Keep in mind that the maximum throughput here applies to the actual throughput realised, not to the maximum throughput of the line. If you power up the router and start a low bandwidth process, the speedometer will show maximum throughput, because it is the highest achieved so far. If you first start and stop a high bandwidth process, and then start a low bandwidth one, the speedometer will show a low throughput, because it "remembers" the throughput achieved with the high bandwidth process and compares it with the current one.

During the router's start up process, the LEDs on the speedometer will light up in sequence a few times.


Eco Mode: You can automatically disable wireless at certain times of the day or during the night. This not only conserves energy, it also adds a bit of extra security to the wireless network. On the Modem-Router, you can also dim the LEDs.

The Eco Mode settings can be found at the bottom of the System Setup Page. The dimming option is available on the F5D8635 Modem-Router only.


Reserveable IP Addresses: When the router assigns an IP address to a computer, this address can be "reserved" to make sure that computer always receives the same IP address from the router


Improved Guest Access: In addition to the "traditional" Guest Access that is configured using an additional WPA Pre-Shared Key, N+ offers "hotel style" Guest Access. In this mode, the Guest network appears as an open network on a different SSID than the main network. When a user connected to the Guest SSID tries to browse the web, he is prompted for the Guest Access Password. Once that has been entered, he can access the Internet.


Improved Access Control: The Access Control (formerly Client IP Filters) section in the interface has been redesigned and given additional functionality. Additional documentation on this feature will be available shortly, you can use the off-line interface in the Interfaces section of Pyramid to experiment with it.


Static Routing: You can now define a number of static entries for the router's routing table. Most customers will not need to use this ever, it is only meant for special circumstances. On the Static Routing page in the setup, you can specify an IP or network address,  a subnet mask and a gateway for each of the static routing entries.