F5D8235 / F5D8635 - Guest Access

 In addition to "traditional" Guest Access, where a separate WPA Pre-Shared Key and on some occasions a separate SSID is used for Guest Access, the N+ Router and Modem-Router offer an additional method of Guest Access, called Hotel Style.

Guest Access can be configured via its own page in the web interface. When Hotel Style Guest Access is selected, you will need to specify an SSID and password.

In Hotel Style Guest Access, the clients will see an open wireless network with the Guest SSID, there is no encryption for it. When a client connects, the first time they try to access the web, they are prompted for the password.

Once the password has been entered,  the client can access the Internet.

For this feature to work correctly, it is necessary that the client uses the router as DNS server. If the client uses manually specified DNS servers, e.g. the OpenDNS ones, Hotel Style Guest Access will not work straight away. A work-around is to access the password prompt on the router's IP address: go to, enter the password and access the Internet.