Pre-N Smart Antenna Technology Explained


Multiple Input Multiple Output

Belkin utilizes True MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) from Airgo Networks in its Pre-N products. True MIMO is the first technology to address the issues of coverage, speed, and interference in larger homes and offices.

True MIMO is a smart-antenna technique that uses multiple antennas to transmit and receive wireless signals. It reaches a step further than other smart-antenna technologies by transmitting multiple signals on each antenna. As a result, Belkin's Pre-N products with True MIMO technology create a robust wireless connection while providing a larger coverage area with the bandwidth and quality of service needed to run advanced applications, such as streaming video or Voice over IP (VoIP).

True MIMO is one of the underlying technologies being considered for 802.11n, a standard in the works for the next generation of Wi-Fi technology.

20MHz Channel with data transfer speeds to other MIMO devices up to 108Mbps. Wi-Fi Certified IEEE 802.11a/b/g

Smart Antenna Technology

This uses multiple antennas to improve wireless performance and reliability. The antennas themselves are 'dumb'. The 'smartness' refers to the signal processing applied to multiple antennas.

Single Dimension (1D) only sending one data stream per channel

MIMO Technology

Multiple Input, Multiple Output

Smart Antennas made multi-dimensional

Multiple data-streams possible in the same channel (2D)