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LAN Setup
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This screen lets you manage different parameters of the Router and perform certain administrative functions.
  • Restart Router

  • Sometimes it may be necessary to Reset or Reboot the Router if it begins working improperly. Resetting or Rebooting the Router will not delete any of your configuration settings.
  • Restore Factory Defaults

  • Using this option will restore all of the settings in the Router to the factory (default) settings. It is recommended that you backup your settings before you restore all of the defaults.
  • Save/Backup Current Settings

  • You can save your current configuration by using this feature. Saving your configuration will allow you to restore it later if your settings are lost or changed. It is recommended that you backup your current configuration before performing a firmware update.
  • Restore Previous Saved Settings

  • This option will allow you to restore a previously saved configuration.
  • Firmware Update

  • From time to time, Belkin may release new versions of the Router's firmware. Firmware updates contain feature improvements and fixes to problems that may have existed.
  • System Settings

  • The System Settings page is where you can enter a new administrator password , set the time zone, enable remote management and turn on and off the NAT function of the Router.