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 Firewall > Client IP filters > URL Blocking
  • Access Control
  • URL Blocking
  • Schedule Rule
    The Router can be configured to restrict access to the Internet, e-mail orother network services
    at specific days and times. More Info

    To configure the URL Blocking feature, use the table below to specify the websites (www.somesite.com)
    and or keywords you want to filter on your network.

    To complete this configuration, you will need to create or modify an access rule in the "Access Control" section.To modify an existing rule,
    click the "Edit" option next to the rule you want to modify. To create a new rule, click on the "Add PC" option.

    From the "Access Control Add PC" section check the option for "WWW with URL Blocking" in the Client PC Service table
    to filter out the websites and keywords specified below..

    Rule Number URL / Keyword