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LAN Setup
Internet WAN

 Firewall > Client IP filters
>> Access Control    >> URL Blocking    >> Schedule Rule   
The Router can be configured to restrict access to the Internet, e-mail orother network services
at specific days and times. More Info

When the SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) firewall feature is enabled, allpackets can be blocked. 
Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) allowsfull support of different application types that are using dynamic port numbers.  
For the applications checked in the list below, the Device will support full operation as initiated from the local LAN.

> Intrusion Detection Feature
 > SPI and Anti-DoS firewall protection:
 > RIP defect:
 > Discard Ping To WAN:
> Stateful Packet Inspection
 > Packet Fragmentation:
 > TCP Connection:
 > UDP Session:
 > FTP Service:
 > H.323 Service:
 > TFTP  Service:
> When hackers attempt to enter your network, we can alert you by e-mail
 > Your E-mail Address: 
 > SMTP Server Address: 
 > POP3 Server Address: 
 > User name: 
 > Password: 
> Connection Policy
 > Fragmentation half-open wait:  secs
 > TCP SYN wait:  sec.
 > TCP FIN wait:  sec.
 > TCP connection idle timeout:  sec.
 > UDP session idle timeout:  sec.
 > H.323 data channel idle timeout:  sec.
> DoS Detect Criteria
 > Total incomplete TCP/UDP sessions HIGH:  session
 > Total incomplete TCP/UDP sessions LOW:  session
 > Incomplete TCP/UDP sessions (per min) HIGH:  session
 > Incomplete TCP/UDP sessions (per min) LOW:  session
 > Maximum incomplete TCP/UDP sessions number from same host: 
 > Incomplete TCP/UDP sessions detect sensitive time period:  msec.
 > Maximum half-open fragmentation packet number from same host: 
 > Half-open fragmentation detect sensitive time period:  msec.
  > Flooding cracker block time:  sec.