OAM Configuration

This function is used to enable OAM functions (other than loopback) for a particular channel. The channel (embedded within OamConfig - see below) must have been configured for firmware OAM (not host OAM) for these configurations to take effect. More than one function may be enabled at one time. If more than one function is enabled, they must all be of the same level, all F4(VP) or all F5(VC).
The usage of the OamConfig parameter is described through the table below. To initiate firmware OAM, set one or more bits in OamConfig corresponding to the various OAM functions. To disable firmware OAM functions, set bit 30 along with any other combination of bits to shutdown various OAM functions at once.
e2e - end to end, seg - segment, CC - continuity check,
AIS - Alarm Indication Signal

Reserved:(31 bit)  
Setup/Teardown:(30 bit)
F4 CC Source seg:(29 bit)
F4 CC Source e2e:(28 bit)
F4 AIS Source seg:(27 bit)
F4 AIS Source e2e:(26 bit)
F5 CC Source seg:(25 bit)
F5 CC Source e2e:(24 bit)
F5 AIS Source seg:(23 bit)
F5 AIS Source e2e:(22 bit)
F4 CC Sink seg:(21 bit)
F4 CC Sink e2e:(20 bit)
F5 CC Sink seg:(19 bit)
F5 CC Sink e2e:(18 bit)
Channel(HEX)(0~7 bit):