Your Router is equipped with a DHCP server that will automatically assign IP addresses to each computer on your network. The factory default settings for the DHCP server will work in most any application. If you need to make changes to the settings, you can do so.

The changes that you can make are:

- Change the Internal IP address of the Router. The default =
- Change the Subnet Mask. The default =
- Enable/Disable the DHCP Server Function. Default = ON (Enabled)
- Specify the Starting and Ending IP Pool Address. Default = Starting: 2 / Ending: 100
- Specify the IP address Lease Time. Default = Forever
- Specify a local Domain Name. Default = NONE

To make changes, click "LAN Settings" on the LAN tab to the left.

The Router will also provide you with a list of all client computers connected to the network. To view the list, click "DHCP client list" on the LAN tab to the left.