Time Settings

Set Time Zone:01.06.2005 00:09:10 am

Use this setting to ensure the time-based client filtering feature and system log entries are based on the correct localised time.

Configure Time Server (NTP):

You can automatically maintain the system time on your ADSL router by synchronising with a public time server over the Internet.

Enable Automatic Time Server Maintenance

When you enable this option you will need to configure two different time servers, use the options below to set the primary and secondary NTP servers in your area:

Primary Server:    
Secondary Server:  

Time Synchronization Interval (1-72 hours)

To enable daylight saving place a tick in the Enable Daylight Saving box, this will automatically adjust the reported time by one hour. When your region is not observing daylight saving take the tick out of the box for the correct time to be reported.

Enable Daylight Savings