Access Control Add PC

This page allows users to define service limitations of client PCs, including IP address, service type and scheduling rule criteria. For the URL blocking function, you need to configure the URL address first on the "URL Blocking Site" page. For the scheduling function, you also need to configure the schedule rule first on the "Schedule Rule" page.

  • Client PC Description :
  • Client PC IP Address :10.1.1. ~
  • Client PC Service:
  • Service Name Detail Description Blocking
    WWW HTTP, TCP Port 80, 3128, 8000, 8001, 8080
    WWW with URL Blocking HTTP (Ref. URL Blocking Site Page)
    Email Sending SMTP, TCP Port 25
    News Forums NNTP, TCP Port 119
    Email Receiving POP3, TCP Port 110
    Secure HTTP HTTPS, TCP Port 443
    File Transfer FTP, TCP Port 21
    Telnet Service TCP Port 23
    AIM AOL Instant Messenger, TCP Port 5190
    NetMeeting H.323, TCP Port 1720, 1503
    DNS UDP Port 53
    SNMP UDP Port 161, 162
    VPN-PPTP TCP Port 1723
    VPN-L2TP UDP Port 1701
    TCP All TCP Port
    UDP All UDP Port

  • User Define Service: Protocol: TCP   UDP
    Port Range: ~,   ~,   ~,
    ~,   ~  
  • Scheduling Rule (Ref. Schedule Rule Page):