WeMo puts your home at your fingertips, making life a little simpler, smarter and a whole lot more magical. It’s an ever-growing family of innovative products that lets you monitor and control home electronics, power, water and Wi-Fi right from your mobile device. It evolves to become an integral part of your life, adapting to your behavior and anticipating how you interact with your home.

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WeMo is Control

WeMo lets you take care of your things even when you can’t be there. Using your mobile, these devices let you control and monitor pretty much any electronic appliance in your home, no matter where you are in the world. Want to turn on the lights before you get home? WeMo can do that. Need to make sure you turned off the iron? No problem. Turn on the webcam and watch your pets? Easy. WeMo lets you engage with your home even when you’re nowhere near it, giving you convenience, security and peace-of-mind.

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WeMo is Anywhere

WeMo: meet world. World: prepare to discover WeMo in an ever-growing number of interesting places. WeMo is like a portable brain, so we’re forming partnerships to put it into other products, turning all kinds of appliances smart.

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WeMo is Intuitive

WeMo makes your home more conscious, letting you keep an eye on the things you cannot actually see. WeMo lets you monitor and control your home Wi-Fi network from anywhere, while WeMo Water and WeMo Power use sensors to show you where your water and electricity are being used (and misused).

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WeMo is Play

Hello hobbyists: this one’s for you. The WeMo Maker kit lets you get creative, allowing you to build a network of interconnected WeMo devices, linking them with sensors to create a range of applications that’s as unlimited as your imagination. Because you’re so hands-on, we’re giving you the chance to take part in the WeMo Maker Inventor Program and use a Maker yourself. You’re welcome.

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