No matter how you use your PC, the Windows Vista™ operating system helps make it easier, safer, more entertaining, and more mobile.

The Windows Vista™ operating system makes it easier and more enjoyable to do just about anything on your PC. It also helps you instantly find virtually anything on your PC or the Internet. Plus, with Windows Vista Home Premium, you can enjoy the latest digital entertainment and stay better connected to friends and family.

Welcome to Vista

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Easy Transfer Cable for Windows Vista™ F5U258

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Welcome to a new world of personal computing. The Windows Vista™ operating system makes it easier and more enjoyable to do just about anything on your PC. See the difference with a spectacular new look, Instant Search functionality, built-in Windows® Media Center*, and automated PC-security features. It also works with a wide range of software, devices, and services. Plus, with Windows Vista Home Premium, you can experience movies, music, and photos as never before and stay better connected to your friends and family. It’s even better on the go—take it all with you on an ultra-portable tablet or mobile PC.


  • With the Windows Vista™, operating system, it’s easier and faster than ever to find, use, manage, and share the information on your PC or on the Web.
  • See everything you’re working on more clearly with the Windows® Aero™ user interface and quickly switch between windows or tasks using Windows Flip 3D.*
  • Simply type in a word contained within a document or e-mail message, the artist of a song, or the date a picture was taken, and Instant Search will bring back any matches.
  • Organize a lifetime of memories with ease using Windows Photo Gallery. By tagging your photos by date, keyword, star rating, or any identifying label you choose, you can find them when you want them.


  • Relax. With the Windows Vista™ operating system, the security and health of your PC is automated across everything you do, so you can focus on the things you enjoy.
  • The new Windows® Internet Explorer® 7 helps protect your PC and your personal information against malicious software, fraudulent Web sites, and online phishing scams.
  • Windows Defender helps defend your PC against pop-ups, slow performance, and security threats caused by spyware and other unwanted software.
  • Back up and preserve your content on your PC—including priceless digital photos, music, movies, and documents—with scheduled and network backup.* Plus, make it easier to restore your PC with Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore.

More entertaining

  • Expand your ability to enjoy and share your television, photos, music and games with the Windows Vista™ operating system.
  • With Windows® Media Center,* you can sit back and enjoy recorded TV, photos, music, home videos, games, DVDs from the comfort of your couch.
  • Author and burn movies, photos, and music to DVDs you can play on your PC or a DVD player with the new Windows Movie Maker.*
  • It’s easier for you to find, play, and manage your games with Games Explorer, which provides detailed information including when you last played, genre, and rating of your games. With Microsoft DirectX® 10, play vivid and engaging games and use the same game controller with both your PC and your Xbox 360™ system.

More mobile

  • Enjoy your entertainment, and connect and share information with friends and family on the go with the Windows Vista™ operating system.
  • Take your entertainment with you virtually anywhere with Windows® Media Center* on a mobile PC.
  • Work the way you want with touch and digital ink input and handwriting. Windows Tablet and Touch Technology* makes your notebook PC experience truly personal.
  • Set up a wireless network at home with Network and Sharing Center—so you can experience the freedom of working virtually anywhere in your home. Then find and join a wireless network at your favorite hotspot to help you stay productive wherever you go.
*Feature found in Windows Vista Home Premium only.

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