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Terms And Conditions of The Belkin Partner Advantage Program

  • Availability of MDF funds are valid solely for the two calendar quarters after which such MDF funds were accrued. MDF funding is accrued, not earned, any unused MDF funds will expire following the two quarters after the quarter in which such funds were accrued.
  • Activities for which MDF funding may be used must be approved in advance in writing by Belkin. Belkin reserves the right at its sole discretion to reject use of MDF funds for activities it deems inappropriate for use of such funding.
  • Under no circumstances is Belkin required to hold or sponsor partner councils or partner conferences; provide channel newsletters, or online or on-site training; or hold promotions or contests. Such activities will be held solely at Belkin's discretion.
  • Benefits available to partners that qualify as Silver, Gold, or Platinum Partners are only available to such partners that participate in Belkin sponsored quarterly business planning, and quarterly revenue, marketing and training target programs.
  • Benefits available to partners that qualify as Platinum Partners are only available to such partners that designate an internal Belkin product champion. The suitability of such Belkin product champion shall be determined solely at the discretion of Belkin.
  • Belkin is under no obligation to provide any program funding or rebates prior to 90 days following the accrual of such funding or rebates.
  • Eligibility for the 15% deal registration discount shall be at the sole discretion of Belkin.