Car Micro Charger 1 AMP - 3ft



Arrive at your destination fully charged and ready for portable electronic action. Charge your iPad, iPhone, or iPod while commuting or navigating the roads and highways with this 1 amp USB Mini Car Charger. Includes 3ft charge and sync cable.

  • Car Charger plugs into accessory socket in your car
  • Rapid-charge 1 amp USB port
  • 3ft charge and sync cable
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty


Made For iPod/iPhone/iPad Compliance made for iPod
works with iPhone

Output Current 1A
Output Voltage 5V


  • iPod 1st gen/2nd gen

  • iPhone 4/4S

  • iPhone 3/3GS

  • iPod touch 4th gen

  • iPod Classic 160 GB

  • iPod nano 6th gen

  • iPod 3rd gen

  • iPod 4g

  • iPod color

  • iPod video

  • iPod Classic

  • iPod classic 2

  • iPod mini 1st gen

  • iPod nano 1st gen

  • iPod nano 2nd gen

  • iPod nano 3rd gen

  • iPod nano 4th gen

  • iPod nano 5th gen

  • iPod touch 1st gen

  • iPod touch 2nd gen

  • iPad (Original)

  • iPad 2

  • iPad 3rd gen

  • iPhone (Original)

  • iPod shuffle 1st gen

  • iPod shuffle 2nd gen

  • iPod shuffle 3rd gen

  • iPod shuffle 4th gen