Y Audio Cable



This Y Audio Cable allows you to connect multimedia devices, such as stereo speakers and CD-ROMs, to your PC's sound card. You can use it to connect mini-stereo components to stereo equipment. Just connect the mini-stereo plug to your mini-stereo sound-card jack or device. Then, slide the RCA plugs into the appropriate jacks on your multimedia devices or stereo equipment.

  • Connects your mini-stereo components
  • Features 3.5mm, nickel-plated-connector plugs
  • Comes with a Belkin Lifetime Warranty

    • iPod 1st gen/2nd gen

    • iPod 3rd gen

    • iPod 4g

    • iPod color

    • iPod Classic

    • iPod classic 2

    • iPod mini 1st gen

    • iPod nano 1st gen

    • iPod nano 2nd gen

    • iPod nano 3rd gen

    • iPod nano 4th gen

    • iPod nano 5th gen

    • iPod shuffle 1st gen

    • iPod shuffle 2nd gen

    • iPod shuffle 3rd gen

    • iPod shuffle 4th gen

    • iPod touch 1st gen

    • iPod touch 2nd gen

    • iPod nano 6th gen

    • iPod nano 7th gen

    • iRiver