Classic Cover For Kindle Fire HD 7"



Protect your Kindle Fire HD 7" with the Belkin Classic Cover

Protect your Kindle Fire HD 7" with the Belkin Classic Cover. This stylish case features stretchable corners to provide a snug fit for the Kindle Fire HD 7". The polyester fabric and soft inner lining protect the screen and backing from scratches while on the go. The case's sleek, lightweight design makes it ideal for slipping into a purse or bag, so you can take your Kindle Fire HD 7" anywhere you go.

Secure, Stylish Protection

The Classic Cover provides protection with a soft interior lining, stylish exterior fabric, and elastic corners that keep your Kindle Fire HD 7” securely in place. The polyester exterior is durable, ensuring the Kindle Fire HD's touchscreen is safe from scratches.

Designed Specifically for the Kindle Fire HD 7"

Belkin has designed the Classic Cover specifically for the Kindle Fire HD 7” to provide support and lightweight, formfitting protection.


No-Bulk Protection

Ultra-thin and lightweight, the Snap Shield provides premium protection without adding bulk.


What's in the Box

Classic Cover for Kindle Fire HD 7"

  • Elastic corners for a secure and snug fit
  • Durable polyester fabric safeguards from scratches
  • Lightweight, formfitting for easy transport
  • Soft interior liner protects touchscreen


  • Kindle Fire HD