Conserve Switch AV



Save Energy with a Single Click

Conserve Switch AV

Control Standby Power to Your Whole Entertainment System

Now you can control power to your whole entertainment system with a single click. The Conserve Switch AV Surge Protector with Remote lets you shut off power—including standby power—to all your entertainment electronics with one touch of the wireless remote switch.

Conserve Switch AV

One-Click Control

The wireless remote controls six Remote-Switched outlets for all your entertainment components—your TV, DVD player, VCR, gaming console and more. Two Always-On outlets stay on for devices that need continuous power, like your DVR. Place the remote on a table or shelf, or mount it on the wall, for the convenient way to save energy.

Conserve Switch AV

Protect Your AV Equipment

The Conserve Switch AV Surge Protector with Remote provides coaxial protection to safeguard cable and satellite connections, for clear picture and sound.

User Guide

  • 10 total outlets
  • Wireless remote switch works up to 60 feet away and is wall-mountable (battery included)
  • Remote-Switched Outlets let you eliminate standby power to up to 8 outlets with one click
  • 2 Always-On Outlets for devices that need continuous power, like DVRs
  • Cable-management clip keeps cords neat
  • Coax protection for cable and satellite connections
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • $100,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
  • Total Number of Outlets 10
    Number of Block Space Outlets 4
    Faulty Ground Indicator Yes
    Response Time <1 Nanosecond Yes
    Clamping Voltage UL1449 330V
    Circuit Total Joules 1000 JOULES
    AC Plug Style RIGHT ANGLE
    Continuous Electrical Rating 125V/15A/1875W
    Maximum Spike Current 72,0000A H-N 24,000A, H-G 24,000A, N-G 24,000A
    Number of Switchable Outlets 8
    Remote Battery Switch Type A23 (12V) ALKALINE OR EQUIVALENT
    Remote Control Size 4"" X 1.25"" X 12.875"""
    Coax/DSS Protection: Line Protection 1 IN, 1 OUT
    Emi/RFI Noise Filtration 150kHz - 100MHz up to 58dB