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Belkin Dyle

Take your TV with you
No Wi-Fi®, or data plan needed

Now you can watch live TV right on your mobile device. Dyle mobile TV receives broadcasted over the air digital TV—so you can see live sports, entertainment and news on your iPhone or iPad.


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Dyle mobile TV broadcasts live local programming from major TV networks, all across the U.S. More areas are being added all the time. To see what's available in your neighborhood, just enter your ZIP code. 1

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Belkin Dyle


Enjoy great live TV on-the-go in just seconds with no cables or clutter. Simply download the app and attach the Belkin Receiver with Dyle mobile TV to your iPhone or iPad.


Dyle Mobile TV App Now Available:

Package Includes:

  • Dyle mobile TV Receiver
  • Neoprene Case


  1. Dyle™ mobile TV is not available in all markets, and coverage may vary across participating markets and by zip code within a market. Please check the map to see if signals are available in your area. Using the map, you can also see which TV broadcast networks are offered in your location. Map results are based on theoretical coverage and do not guarantee reception. External variables factor affecting reception may include building heights and variations in geographic terrains. Some stations indicated with an asterisk (*) are not directly affiliated or monitored by Dyle mobile TV partners and disruptions to service may occur without our knowledge. Please contact these stations directly for any questions on their mobile TV service.

    DYLE™ and DYLE logo are trademarks of and copyright Mobile Content Venture LLC.

  • Access to live, local broadcast TV on your iPad or iPhone
  • No Wi-Fi or mobile data plan required to watch live TV
  • Dyle mobile TV service that broadcasts using the ATSC-M/H standard
  • Extendable titanium antenna for better signal quality
  • Compatibility with iPhone 4/4s, iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3rd Generation
  • 30-pin connector
  • Pass-through micro USB port allows for charging of iOS devices while content is playing (charger and USB cable sold separately)
  • Neoprene carrying case
Made For iPod/iPhone/iPad Compliance Yes
Supported Video Formats ATSC-MH

Belkin's Dyle mobile TV receiver is the modern-day equivalent of a pair of rabbit ears for an iPhone or iPad.  Read More
—May 31, 2013
“Plug the Belkin Dyle Mobile TV into your iPhone or iPad and the pocket-size device allows you to stream a broadcast TV signal. The static-free service bears no additional charges and won’t destroy your data plan. No Wi-Fi or service access is required.”   Read More
—July 23, 2013


  • iPhone 4/4S

  • iPad (Original)

  • iPad 2

  • iPad 3rd gen