Ultra DMA/Ultra ATA IDE Ribbon Cable



Connects an internal IDE hard drive to your controller card. Required for maximum performance of Ultra ATA-66/100 UTDMA-66/100 IDE drives.

  • Increases data integrity.
  • Compatible with all IDE hard drives.
  • Required for maximum performance of Ultra ATA-66 /100- UDMA-66/100 IDE drives.
  • The Belkin Lifetime Guarantee.
  • Color-coded blue, gray, and black connectors for easy installation.
  • Three 40-socket female connectors: one to attach the cable to the controller card, and two for connecting hard drives.
  • 80-conductor ribbon cable featuring its unique grounding design.
  • 40 conductors in the bulk cable provide extra grounding to reduce the levels of interference and cross talk between the drive and its controller.