Gold Series IEEE 1284 Printer Cable



Our top-of-the-line Gold Series IEEE 1284 Printer Cable lets you receive the fastest data transfers for maximum performance. Attach your IEEE-1284 printer with a Centronics-36 port to your PC with a DB25 port and enjoy data transfers up to 10 times faster than non-compliant IEEE-1284 cables. Designed for maximum flexibility and durability, our Gold Series Cable features 24k gold-plated, corrosion-proof connectors for maximum conductivity.

  • Delivers maximum conductivity with no data loss using 24k gold-plated, corrosion-proof connectors and copper contacts
  • Reduces interference with aluminum undermold shielding and double-shielded, braid-and-foil construction
  • Features ground indents for excellent conductivity and retention with mating conductors
  • Minimizes cross talk and ensures high-speed, error-free transmission with 28-gauge, stranded, tinned-copper conductors individually insulated in polypropylene
  • Increases flexibility while maintaining durability with featured Tactilite™ overmold
  • Installs easily with oversized, ergonomic thumbscrews
  • Delivers maximum conductivity with no data loss
  • Includes a Belkin Lifetime Warranty
  • Offers flexibility and durability for use in tight areas
  • Features our Flextec™ PVC rubberized cable jacket, offering extreme flexibility for tight installations
  • Ensures electrical isolation and relieves stress with PVC premolded individual conductors