2-Port PS/2 KVM Switch with Cabling



Use one monitor, keyboard, and mouse between two PS/2 computers. Now you can add a second computer to your home or office, and access both computers from the same desk space. Switch your monitor from one computer to the next with a simple hot-key sequence on your keyboard. The 2-Port KVM Switch includes two six-foot cables to connect your computers.

  • Supports monitors with VGA connections

  • Supports PS/2 keyboards and mice

  • Supports PS/2-based computers

  • Supports high video resolutions up to 2048x1536@65Hz

  • Includes 6 ft. cables for easy installation

  • Switches computers using a simple hot-key sequence

  • Requires no software for installation

  • Comes with a Belkin 2-Year Warranty and free technical support

  • This product does not support Windows 7 or Windows 8