3-Port Headset Switch



The Belkin 3-Port Headset Switch provides seamless switching between three communication devices using a single headset.


Professionals today have many different options for voice communication, which means at any one time, their desk may be cluttered with multiple headsets. The Belkin three-port headset switch is a convenient and efficient solution that allows seamless switching between three communication devices while using a single headset.


Simply connect a PC, mobile phone, or office telephone to the three available ports and connect a microphone headset to the console port. All cables connect to the back of the switch, leaving a clutter-free desktop, and three buttons on top of the unit provide quick, easy switching between devices.


Improve productivity with seamless switching between three communication devices—PC, mobile phone, or office telephone—and integrated cable management, for an organized workspace that’s always ready when you are.


Maximize compatibility with standard 3.5 mm connectors and a single headset to keep you connected when it counts.


Simplify communication with an integrated mute button with status LED, momentary switching action buttons, and a non-skid pad on the bottom of the unit to minimize movement on the desktop.




•  Allows the user to easily switch one headset between PC, office phone, and mobile devices
•  Ports located on the back of the unit mean less clutter on the desk
•  Compatible with 3.5 mm connectors for hands-free sets and headsets
•  Dedicated button panel interface provides a momentary switching action
•  Status LEDs above each button clearly indicate which device is in use
•  Mute button with status LED provides  on/off switching action to disable or  pause the microphone functionality
•  Non-skid pad minimizes movement on  the desktop