OmniView® CAT5 KVM Extender



The OmniView CAT5 KVM Extender allows users to control their computer or KVM switch from up to 300 feet away. Perfect for isolated server rooms, large server farms, secure systems, or test benches where the computer may be inaccessible to the user.

  • To ensure the highest possible performance of your equipment, Belkin recommends the use of these high-quality cables: A3L791 series and A3L850 series.
  • Extend your keyboard, mouse, and monitor up to 300 feet away using standard CAT5 UTP cable
  • Preserves VGA signals up to resolutions of 1280 x 1024 @ 75Hz with unmatched clarity, which means no blurry signal
  • Includes 3-foot, all-in-one KVM cable for connecting the CAT5 KVM Extender to the PC or KVM switch
  • Local and remote console ports provide dual simultaneous access
  • With local and remote console ports, you can take control from near or far
  • No software required