PureAV™ Mini-Stereo Extension Cable



PureAV Blue Series Mini-Stereo Extension Cables allow connection of portable audio equipment with mini-stereo jacks, such as CD players, digital audio players, sound cards, headphones, and portable multimedia speakers. Simply plug in one end of the Cable to your Mini-Stereo Audio Cable and the other end to your audio component to allow longer distances between your components. Our superior design ensures maximum signal transfer and reduces interference for a natural, more accurate sound.

  • Extends the connection from your portable audio equipment to the mini-stereo jacks on CD players, MP3 players, sound cards, headphones, and portable multimedia speakers
  • Provides maximum conductivity and prevents corrosion with 24k gold-plated connectors and contacts
  • Ensures easy identification and proper connection with integrated color-coding on connectors
  • Allows consistent signal between components using high-quality copper
  • Produces cleaner sound by reducing EM/RF interference using a spiral shield