Belkin PureAV® Home Theater Power Console PF30



Each PureAV Power Console is packed with innovative features, such as Multi-Phase PureFilter Circuitry, designed to remove electrical noise and provide clean and clear power to all of your valuable equipment. It isolates audio, video, and digital components, and prevents noise created by one connected component from contaminating the entire system.

  • Level 4 Power Protection
  • Phase 3 PureFilter™ Circuitry with video, audio, and HiCurrent™ filters
  • Slim console design fits perfectly in your home theater cabinet
  • HiCurrent outlet for high-power amplifiers
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • $350,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
  • 8 outlets
  • 3245 joules of surge protection
  • 165,000-Amp maximum spike current
  • 1 pair of gold coaxial connections for coaxial-cable protection
  • 8 ft. SD500 HiCurrent™ power cord with right-angle plug
  • UL1449 Rated