Gigabit Ethernet ExpressCard™



The Belkin Gigabit Ethernet ExpressCard offers the perfect solution for users who want to add a port to their notebook computers capable of working with the new PCI ExpressCard technology. Now you can stream movies, play Internet games, transfer files over the network, download songs from iTunes®, all at the same time-without worrying that your computer will freeze, crash, or slow down to a trickle. This product meets the Gigabit Ethernet specifi cation to provide an enhanced 1000Mbps port. Simply slide the ExpressCard into your computer's 34- or 54mm ExpressCard slot for downloads up to 1000% faster than 10/100 Ethernet. Installing the ExpressCard today ensures that all your existing and future high-bandwidth devices will operate at their optimum performance, without processing bottlenecks.

  • Adds a port that processes 1000% faster than 10/100 Ethernet
  • Adds a Gigabit Ethernet port directly to your notebook computer
  • Installs easily into any 34mm or 54mm wide ExpressCard slot