100BT SurgeMaster® II Gold


Benjamin Franklin performed his kite experiment in 1752. At that time, he could never have envisioned that over 200 years later, the ramifications would lead to the Belkin SurgeMaster® II Gold, the pinnacle in surge protection.
Protects your computer, peripherals, 100Base-T RJ45 network, fax, modem, and phone from power surges. Boasting a $75,000 connected equipment warranty, Data Recovery Warranty, BlockSpace™ for large AC adapters, two phone jacks, and two RJ45 networking jacks.

  • $75,000 connected equipment warranty.
  • 3-line protection: hot, neutral, and ground.
  • 3-line protection: neutral, hot, and ground.
  • 6-foot heavy-duty power cord offers strength with flexibility.
  • 2 BlockSpace™ outlets so you don’t have to sacrifice two outlets to plug in one AC adapter.
  • 8 surge-protected AC outlets for power sensitive devices, 1 unswitched.
  • 360-degree rotating flat plug allows furniture to be flush with the wall.
  • Filters EMI/RFI noise up to 60 dB.
  • Illuminated LEDs indicate your devices are grounded and protected.
  • Data Recovery Warranty.