DSS SurgeMaster® II


A thunderous strike of lightning flickers across the night's sky. Your DSS and Digital TV cringe, as the storm looms ever closer, wondering if this will be their last day. Of course not, they're connected to a Belkin SurgeMaster® II. They are protected!
Protects your DSS receiver, home theater system, computer, peripherals, and coax cable line from power surges. Boasting a $50,000 connected equipment warranty, BlockSpace™ for large AC adapters, 8 powered outlets, and 2 sets of gold coax connectors.

  • $50,000 connected equipment warranty.
  • 1769 Joule energy rating provides maximum protection for home theaters and multimedia computers.
  • 8 surge-protected AC outlets for power sensitive devices.
  • Not just one, but two sets of gold coax cable line protection for your audio/video equipment.
  • Includes 6’ gold RG6 digital satellite approved patch cable.
  • 4-reusable safety caps.
  • 6-foot heavy-duty power cord offers strength with flexibility.
  • 2 BlockSpace™ outlets so you don’t have to sacrifice two outlets to plug in one AC adapter.
  • Solid-state pay-per-view phone line protection. Includes 6’ phone cord.
  • 360-degree rotating flat plug allows furniture to be placed flush against the wall.
  • 3-line protection: neutral, hot, and ground.
  • Filters EMI/RFI noise up to 60 dB.
  • Illuminated LEDs indicate your devices are ground and protected.
  • Data Recovery Warranty.
  • Protects Telephone Lines.